Kimberly Austin(non-registered)
Thank you for sharing your talent and your the beauty in this beautiful world.... I am blessed... by your eye for beauty.....
Incredible beauty.
Your photography has been an inspiration to so many, including myself. Learning that you will be closing your website and ceasing to showcase your talents is a grave disappointment. May you be as successful in your new venture.
Tamara Bertaina(non-registered)
As always, your work has been one of the pleasures life has been given to many of us throughout the years. It saddens me that you will no longer be giving us these gifts. Please call.
BERTAINA RANCH(non-registered)
Your artful visions are simply the best ...
Matt Nesper(non-registered)
Great work Richard!! Get well soon!!
Rae McInt(non-registered)
I love all your images, the way you capture these beautiful birds is fascinating. Always love to see the new ones.
Suzie Cook Taylor(non-registered)
You have designed a lovely website with masterpiece photos! Each one is a real treasure. I notice that I am not the only one who has suggested a photo book or a showing. Perhaps you enjoy photography for the experience and not for gain. Very nice, Richard.
Brenda McMillen(non-registered)
Love all your pictures Richard....keep them coming!
Sherry Meredith(non-registered)
Awesome work. I always enjoy your photos.
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